RcMax byter namn!

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RcMax byter namn!

Post by Dave » 29 Jul 2021, 06:19

Sånt här är alltid vansinnigt tråkigt att höra om, men RcMax tvingas byta namn och kommer i fortsättningen att heta Taylor RC.

Texten saxad fån RcMax sida på Facebook:

"RCMAX RE-BRAND to "TAYLOR RC" - We need your Support Please!

This is a difficult subject for me to have to confront, but we have been fighting a trademark issue for about a year now and it’s time to rebrand so that we can continue to move forward.

A large and very wealthy Firm (we can't name) from the smaller scales of RC have an old Trademark which they claim to be similar enough to RCMAX to warrant accusing Ray Dawson and therefore now myself of trademark infringement. I have already sunk a lot of money into trying to settle the matter with them, but they have an endless budget and won't offer any compromise. We can't raise the £250k we have been quoted to take this all the way in court and therefore are left with no choice but to completely rebrand and put this behind us.

I would like to ask each and every one of you for your support in raising awareness of our new brand name. We have worked very hard to make sure RCMAX was considered the premier brand in 1/5 scale RC. Our product line has been synonymous with quality but we are aware that brand recognition is still key. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to change over and i would be extremely grateful for you guys here having my back to turn this negative into a positive!

Our new brand (for the best layer of future trademark protection) will be TAYLOR RC. We will soon change all aspects of the company including website name, all product branding, logos, site photos etc etc. Once we get the new site up and running we would ask that everyone support us by liking and sharing the link. This will get us back up on the map with google in months instead of years! Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and always will be.

I kindly ask you to help me turn this situation into a fresh boost for the brand and i promise to reward you with the most premium and innovative upgrades for your cars in the future!

Thanks in advance
Mike Taylor
TAYLOR RC (Formerly Known as RCMAX)"



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Re: RcMax byter namn!

Post by Janimakaj » 23 Aug 2021, 18:24

Trist då ja tycker rcmax är ett klockrent namn. Men då vet man 👍👍
Full frääs!

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